Benefits of SmartLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

If you’ve read the other pages on our site, then you’re probably already familiar with a few of the unique advantages of SmartLipo. Still, we want to make it very clear to potential cosmetic surgery patients that SmartLipo is your best choice for fat removal or body contouring operations. No other lipo procedure currently on the market offers both the safety and the satisfaction that SmartLipo does.

SmartLipo was approved by the FDA in 2006. At that time, it was also determined that this procedure is safer than traditional liposuction. What makes SmartLipo so safe?

For one, the absence of general anesthetic makes SmartLipo ideal for patients with heart conditions who might otherwise be turned away from traditional liposuction procedures. SmartLipo is so much less invasive that virtually all SmartLipo operations are performed under local anesthetic, which means that patients are at least partially conscious throughout the entire session. This also means that instead of a lengthy post-op layover, most SmartLipo patients can leave the office as soon as their anesthetic wears off (usually within one to two hours after the operation).

Unlike traditional liposuction which frequently causes heavy swelling and bruising, SmartLipo is a bloodless procedure. The very laser beam that melts the fat cells also protects the blood cells by sealing them as it passes over. This not only prevents any significant blood loss, but it also significantly reduces any post-op swelling, bruising, or pain. Whereas the traditional liposuction recovery period may be months, most SmartLipo patients will reach full recovery (and full results) within a week.

laser liposuction with smartlipo

SmartLipo’s laser technology also increases the precision of the operation, allowing its practitioners to target smaller and more sensitive areas than was previously possible. Now SmartLipo surgeons can not only trim your waistline and reshape your thighs and buttocks, but they can sculpt flabby arms, lift sagging breasts, and tighten troublesome areas of the face. If that wasn’t enough, efficiency of the SmartLipo procedure has improved too so that most patients only require a single session to achieve maximum results.  Post-op, SmartLipo patients will also be pleased to discover that even if they return to some of their bad diet and exercise habits fat will not reform on previously treated areas.

With SmartLipo’s many obvious advantages over traditional liposuction, it’s easy to see why many people believe that the procedure must also be significantly more expensive. But surprisingly it’s not. In most cases, SmartLipo is actually more affordable than liposuction because it requires less time, less manpower, less resources, and fewer sessions to reach the desired result.

If you want a safe procedure with staying power, then you want SmartLipo!