How Does SmartLipo Work?

While SmartLipo is still considered liposuction, its use of a laser makes it fundamentally different from traditional liposuction procedures.

To understand how SmartLipo works, you must first understand what liposuction and medical lasers are.

Liposuction, as its name implies, is a surgical procedure wherein fat is removed from the body through the use of a suction device. In traditional liposuction, the surgeon will inject a fluid into the fatty deposits. The fluid will mix with the fat and break up its cellular structure so it is easier to remove.

laser heating fat cellsThe doctor will make an incision near the targeted fat deposit, and then will insert a cannula (the hollow device that collects the fat) into the body to suction out the fat solution. While this procedure has been effective for many years now, it is not perfect. Traditional liposuction leaves behind excess skin and the necessary incision requires stitches which may later leave a scar.

SmartLipo replaces the fluid technique with a laser. Instead of mixing fatty elements with liquid, the laser actually liquefies the fat itself by breaking down its cellular structure. Because the laser is a more precise tool than traditional cannulas, it requires an incision of only half the size. The doctor will insert the small laser-equipped cannula beneath the top layers of the patient’s skin and then apply a steady beam of light energy to the fat cells. The fat cells will rupture, leaving only an oily fluid in their place. This fluid is then suctioned from the body.

One of the added benefits of SmartLipo’s laser technique is that the laser actually seals the blood cells as it is breaking down the fat cells.  This process prevents inflammation, bruising, and bleeding which has earned SmartLipo the reputation of being a “bloodless operation.”  The laser also interacts with the collagen in the skin, which causes it to shrink and tighten around the now smaller, slimmer area where the fat has been removed essentially eliminating the problem of excess skin post-op.

smartlipo melts fat cellsBecause the laser apparatus used in SmartLipo is so small, its incision does not require stitches. This reduces the risk not only of scarring but of infection, making SmartLipo a safer and more attractive alternative to traditional liposuction.  SmartLipo is so effective that it was approved by the FDA in 2006. Not only was it approved, but it was approved for many areas that were previously considered too sensitive for traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo’s innovative laser technique has taken many of the medical and cosmetic risks out of fat removal or fat reshaping surgery. In fact, SmartLipo is SO quick and safe that surgeons no longer have to put their patients under to perform the operation. Virtually all SmartLipo patients will receive the procedure while standing up under local anaesthetic. Each session only lasts one to three hours, and patients can leave the clinic as soon as their anaesthetic has worn off.