How much does smartlipo cost?

When compared to traditional liposuction the cost of smartlipo is considerably less than normal lipo, there are a few reasons for this one being there is no general anesthetic to be administered, and you’re not going to need to stay in the hospital overnight due to it being a less invasive procedure.

The cost of smartlipo varies on a number of factors, things like the size of the area that is to be treated, the number of treatments that you may need, whether you choose to have the liquefied fat sucked out or leave it for your body to naturally disperse, also costs can vary from one clinic to another.

From what I’ve researched is that smartlipo can cost anywhere from £1000 to £2400 per treatment in the UK.

Some things to consider when choosing your clinic is ask if the price includes the suction of the fat as some clinics charge extra for this, and if they offer any guarantee’s if you are not happy with the outcome, for example some clinics now offer a free second treatment if both you and your doctor agree the results are not what you both expected.