Is Smartlipo a Realistic Alternative to Liposuction?

If you just can’t seem to get those extra five or ten pounds off your stomach and thighs, but you’re afraid of undergoing an invasive cosmetic procedure, then SmartLipo surgery could be your ideal solution.

Millions of people have already experienced the amazing benefits of lasers. Now the efficiency and effectiveness of medical lasers has been extended to cosmetic procedures. SmartLipo is the first surgery in the fat removal field to utilize the amazing advantages of lasers.

Liposuction has long been favoured by people that are truly committed to creating their best possible body, but it’s never been for the faint of heart. If you’ve shied away from liposuction surgery in the past because of its traditionally invasive technique and its long recovery period, then you’re going to love what SmartLipo can do for you and your body. The added precision of a medical laser means patients get bigger and better results with fewer side effects and a faster recovery.

Because SmartLipo is a faster and safer procedure than traditional liposuction, you won’t even have to undergo full anaesthesia.  SmartLipo patients are administered a local anaesthetic and can leave the clinic within hours. And the increased accuracy of the laser means decreased complications, which in turn means less pain, bruising, and inflammation. You’ll be moving more comfortably within 24-hours and could be showing off your sleek new body in days!

How does the smartlipo procedure work?

New Smartlipo laser liposuction

SmartLipo also addresses the ugly side of traditional liposuction surgery… the scars! For patients undergoing what is essentially a beauty treatment, scars can be incredibly discouraging. Because it is low-impact and considerably less invasive, your risk of scarring is reduced significantly. That makes SmartLipo the smart choice when smoothing skin and removing fat in sensitive areas like your face, neck, breasts, and buttocks.

If you’ve already tried traditional liposuction and are disappointed by the long-term results, you don’t have to settle for less.  In most cases, SmartLipo can be used to renew and improve the lackluster results of old liposuction procedures.

The laser’s enhanced contouring capabilities mean that SmartLipo can repair and reshape the sub par results from your first surgery so you can finally attain perfection.

The best part of SmartLipo is that despite its many advantages over traditional liposuction it’s actually even MORE affordable.  Because it’s faster and more efficient and requires less drug therapy and medical assistance, the bottom line is budget-friendly for patients in virtually every tax bracket. Even better, the increased effectiveness of this procedure means that most patients only need one treatment to get the desired results.

If you’re ready to take your body to the next level, then Smart Lipo can help you to create a beautiful new you in hours.