Is Vaser Lipo better than Smartlipo?

There is now another alternative to regular liposuction in the form of Vaser Lipo Selection, the most obvious difference between smartlipo and vaser lipo is that it uses ultrasound waves in place of the laser that is used in smartlipo.

Vaser (which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) lipo is minimally invasive like smartlipo needing only local anesthetic and not general anesthetic to be applied and there is also fast recovery time as it is not as traumatic when compared to traditional lipo that can take weeks and weeks to recover from. Another benefit, like Smartlipo it can also be used on most areas of the body.

But are the results different?

Vaser lipo is said to only destroy fat cells (tissue-selective emulsification) leaving other tissues unaffected, and vaserlipo claims to be able to remove much larger amounts of fat than smartlipo is able to. Whist also having the desirable skin tightening effect that smartlipo offers.

This could be great news for people have a bit more fatty areas than was practical for smartlipo but still didn’t want to go through the trauma of traditional liposuction.

Indeed some of the most common heard complains of smartlipo was of people saying they could see no difference, this most of the time was an over expectation of what smartlipo can do, it’s really only for small stubborn areas of fat.

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vaserlipo selection aftervaser lipo before

Another improvement is vaser lipo’s ability to emulsify fat in the more fibrous areas of the body, because it uses ultra sound waves instead of a laser it’s better able to break these fat cells down and leave the other cells in place.

Vaser lipo costs about the same as Smartlipo, and most cosmetic clincs that offer Smartlipo are now offering Vaser Lipo selection as well.

So what’s the verdict?

The chat on various forums have been very positive for vaser lipo this is something that smartlipo did not get, you always got a few people who did not get the results they expected.
So first impressions are that people are really happy with the results they are getting.

Speaking as someone who has had smartlipo done and was somewhat happy with the results I had (it definitely made a difference), I was thinking of having another session just to finish off the area I had done, I for one am very excited by the promise of this new treatment, And I think if I’m going to have another treatment done I’ll go for Vaser Lipo selection!

I’ll report back when I do.

As always, make sure to ask your doctor which treatment would be right for you.