SmartLipo Post-Op Care and Recovery

Whereas most surgical procedures will send you home with a long list of post-op instructions, SmartLipo’s recovery process is relatively simple.

As mentioned elsewhere on our site, SmartLipo’s improved laser technology equates to significantly reduced side effects and post-op complications.

The laser used in SmartLipo operations actually seals your blood cells as it passes over each area, thereby reducing blood loss during the operation as well as bruising or swelling after the operation.

As soon as your SmartLipo operation ends, your body will begin healing itself. Most SmartLipo patients can leave the doctor’s office as soon as their anesthetic wears off. Your doctor will send you home with compression bandages and a short list of recommendations. It is important that you use your bandages exactly as your doctor instructs you to in order for you to retain the full benefits of the reshaping procedure. The only area that requires extra care on your part is the incision, which in most cases is so small that it can be covered by a band-aid.

While mild pain is standard for any surgical procedure, your post-op pain should subsist within days. Do not use any pain killers that contain a blood thinner like aspirin. Your doctor will prescribe a mild and safe pain killer to be used when needed. You may also be advised to refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes during the first stage of your recovery period.

With traditional liposuction surgeries, patients could experience recovery periods of weeks or even months. Extensive swelling and bruising was normal, and the pain level was often above moderate. With SmartLipo, most patients can resume their regular work and social schedules within 24-48 hours. Any bruising, redness, or loss of sensation should disappear progressively over the first few days following your operation.

To expedite the healing process, your doctor may recommend that you perform some light activities or exercises designed to increase circulation to the afflicted area. Within a week, all moderate inflammation or swelling of the treated area should be gone, and you can return to your normal activities.

The entire healing process will be overseen by your doctor. Most SmartLipo practitioners schedule a follow-up appointment within the first week following your operation. It is critical that you follow your doctor’s instructions and attend all follow-up appointments to prevent post-op complications and ensure that you receive optimal results from your SmartLipo session.  In the follow-up appointments, your doctor will inspect both the treated area and your incision.

It is important that the incision be carefully monitored for any signs of infection. Infection is the number one cause of post-op scarring and can also lead to more serious medical conditions. By visiting your surgeon regularly post-op, you’ll protect not only yourself but your investment in yourself.