What is Smartlipo?

Fighting off the excess fat and the bulky physical look is a present day challenge for most people, no matter what gender you are.

Professional intervention can be considered, cosmetic surgery has however moved on from traditional liposuction to a new procedure called Smartlipo, where any unwanted fat can be removed.

You may not know much about the Smartlipo yet. You may not have even heard about it as well. Before making the decision of getting the intervention of a medical surgeon to achieve your most desired look, you may want to get some more information about the new procedure that is Smartlipo.

The latest Smartlipo is a much focused procedure of liposuction. It uses the technological advantage of the laser; however, it has the same goal of giving a toned body to those who want them through the intervention of medical procedure. The Smartlipo is good for the common fat areas of the body that the traditional liposuction had treated as well as much more. The areas that can be treated with the Smartlipo are the jaw line, jowls, abdominal area, inner thighs and the outer thighs. The fat amount that will be suctioned from the body will be the basis of the result that the patient can see. The change in the look can be seen in a matter of six weeks after the treatment and the full results of the Smartlipo can be obtained in four months.

More than one Smartlipo treatment will be required before the full advantage of the procedure can be seen, most especially if you really have excessive fat on your body. Hoe many treatments you require is down to the cosmetic surgeon who will examine where on the body it is needed and the amount of fat on those areas.

Nevertheless, do not be worried of getting the full treatment in a very long period of time since a single visit for Smartlipo can allow you to have three different area treatments. Every visit with three areas being treated can make the process faster and easier for you. These sessions on Smartlipo will not take too much of a patient’s time. An hour or two can be enough, which is good!

You can actually have the treatment in between your breaks from the office Also, getting the treatment in just short time can allow you to go back to your normal activity due to the very minimal invasive treatment. Anaesthesia is also very safe in the treatment because you will not be required to have the general anaesthesia unlike the old traditional procedure. The discomforts are at its lowest level although you have to expect very minor bruising and soreness.